Sing it with Oreo

Oreo & Lady Gaga want people to spread kindness through music, bringing us all a little bit closer together. Users will have the option to send a GAGAgram with a message from Lady Gaga or record their own message for a personalized OREOgram. For an OREOgram the user will first select one of our 6 unique music tracks then type and voice record their message. We built an inbrowser tool that then processes their vocals through a blend of autotuning and vocoding, layers it with their selected track and embeds it into an animation timed to the music. Once their oreogram is complete they can send it off to their friends and loved ones. So, sing it from the heart and make someone's day brighter.


Lead Production Creative




Oreo x Lady Gaga



Awards & Features

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For the Sing it with oreo campaign we developed a tool to turn voice notes into songs with accompanied animations. We started by composing 6 base tracks in a range of genres, each track would have an accompanied animation based on its instruments & bpm. 

We then developed a web based vocoder/autotuner tool that would automatically edit your voice message into your chosen track. 

Embedded into the tool was a talk to text profanity checker that ensured everyone was keeping it kind. 

We also created a Lady Gaga experience with 20 voice messages that she recorded and accompanying animations.