Play for Pleasure


A pleasurable sex life starts with knowing and experiencing your own body. By beginning with self-awareness and masturbation, we reach out to young women before their pleasure can be compromised using a medium that feels natural to them, their phones. We're turning tapping the screen into flicking the bean.



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Teen Vogue

The Case for Her



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We reinvented the classic teen magazine quizzes for the digital age for young women by delivering information through entertainment, turning tapping the screen into flicking the bean. 

A series of games with playful & diverse yet anatomically correct drawings teaches our girls about their bodies, masturbation, partner intimacy and more.  

Users will be able to share their scores with an instagram filter and challenge others to become (s)experts as well.


The games are embedded with a facebook pixel allowing us to retarget those who played the game with information surrounding the answers they got incorrect in order to continue the education long term.