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Help! The messes around the house are coming to life. Creachores are popping up in the garbage, in laundry, in dust behind the couch. To save their homes from Creachores, kids can print our Chore Chart, create their hero persona and with the help of their parents follow the adventures of other little heroes around the world!  

Created as an entry for the United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We were one of the selected projects and can be found on the UN COVID-19 Creative Content Hub (7).gif

Chore Chart

A printable chore chart available in full color or as a coloring page. Kids can cut out our creachores and they design their own and place them into the day the chore should be done. They also draw their super hero persona, write in their hero name and what their super powers are.

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Creachores are the messes around the house that have come to life. Each creachore has their own poem and will be introduced on our instagram one at a time. 

The Creachores


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Parents can post their little heroes defending their homes from creachores. When they tag @creachores we will create their own comic book cover drawing them into an action scene.