Doors Of Zoku

Hospitality brand Zoku is on a mission  to create a home base for constant moving creatives can share ideas, connect and grow. Our challenge was to tell the Zoku story while tackling the taboos of loneliness in rapidly urbanizing cities. We threw an open event at Zoku to show people that amazing things can happen when you know your neighbors. So go ahead, ring the bell. 

This campaign was part of my time in the 72U Creative Residency.

Interactive Invitations

As the "maker" of the team I was largely responsible for building 5 Interactive Invitations that were moved around to different locations around Amsterdam. When you ring the door bell a light turns on behind the door an a voice comes through the air duct re-enacting real life neighbor experiences. At the end an invitation to the Doors of Zoku Event prints out of the top of the box. 



To raise awareness for our event we had 5 Dear Neighbor billboards. I worked on translating the stories from the invitations into copy for the billboards.

Doors of Zoku Event

The Doors of Zoku event took place on February 1st 2019 in Zoku’s Social Spaces. Featuring insightful talks, workshops and interactive activities – from smart city planning with figures from the Amsterdam municipality, to pro-social initiatives, to live music and art, the flagship event will gave neighbours and guests the opportunity to meet and share ideas on the topic. I served at the event manager where I managed the team, event staff, meetings with the venue, sponsors and the schedule.