Inner Fire

"Give us a twirl" - "Show us what you're wearing"

Clothing is used as a tool for sexism in Tennis so let's use their clothing to change the narrative. Inner Fire is the shirt that enables girls to wear their work.


With college tuition on the rise and a pay gap in the profession, young woman are quitting tennis to focus their time on more viable opportunities. Available exclusively for high school girls in New York, they can post the evolution of their shirts using #innerfire for the opportunity to receive an Inner Fire Scholarship.

I developed this project as an entry for the D&AD New Blood Competition for Adidas.


Inner Fire Shirt

The Inner Fire shirt begins as white and with each wash a time reactive textile sheds its top layer ink to reveal the fire print below. Allows girls to wear their work and visualizes their progress. 

The Roll Out

Inner fire begins by launching exclusively for High School girls in New York. To order the Inner Fire shirt, they must plug in their student ID numbers.