Jack & Jones x Fortnite

Young gamers are a neglected target market by the fashion industry even though they proved to be conscious and loyal consumers. Jack and Jones is tapping into this market though a collaboration with Fortnite. Each item from the limited edition collection exists both IRL and digitally for gameplay. The collection go along with a digital experience swaping out traditional fashion models for actual player's 'skins' set to launch at the 2019 Gamecom Event in Germany. 

Bundle Collection cover.png

Digital Bundle

For the first time ever, Fortnite players can create their own skins using the Jack & Jones Bundle. The Bundle comes with a virtual collection that can also be purchased to wear IRL.  

This will give Jack & Jones the opportunity to step into the digital fashion market as well as gain brand love from a large and loyal target group.

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The target group is not interested in models or actors, their biggest influencers are other players in the games they love.



The Fortnite collection will be featured on Jack & Jones' website. Instead of models, the clothing will be featured on skins of players using the J&J Bundle. The content will change in real time, featuring players who rank in the leader board. 

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