72andSunny Amsterdam


Creative Resident



Rethinking the way we design the work environment, the Multiverse is an interactive, phygital experience connecting everyone who walks through 72andSunny's doors.


Portals To The Multiverse are placed throughout the agency, each leading to a specific memory associated to it's location.


Each Portal has a unique design that match's the memory's icon. I hand crafted the portals using remnant materials from the production of the Molecubes furniture. 

Enter the Multiverse

72andSunny is a hub of creativity that goes beyond the work they make for clients. This hidden creativity lives in the  all agency emails, in the oddly named meeting rooms, in the dishware. The Multiverse lets everyone who walks through the office take a peek behind the veil and become apart of the community. 


Once inside, users can discover the associated memory, explore other memories and get to know the makers behind them.


The Multiverse is designed to grow, so the Expand page allows for people who work at the agency to submit a new memory.

Molecube Furniture

A furniture set designed to facilitate collaboration and promote thinking by hand. Teams come together to build their meeting space allowing them a few moments to work together before they work together. 

Dynamic Design System 

Molecubes are a dynamic design system built to support 72andSunny's human centered mission to expand and diversify the creative class. Check out the gallery to see how the Molecubes are applied throughout the Multiverse,

Click the zine below to check out 
my process of creating The Multiverse.


Enter The Multiverse