Rethinking the way we design the work environment, the Multiverse is an interactive, phygital experience connecting everyone who walks through 72andSunny's doors.


The Collection

Challenged to create a fresh start for the brand we decided to make a statement on our own over production and unsustainable past by using overstocked garments and fabrics from previous collections to make the new collection. Each look is based off one an iconic looks from the past 23 seasons.



I developed the concept and organized the production of an archival look book. Since each garment is created from over stock fabric and garments, I decided to organize a shoot inside of our office that documents these materials. In the book this

Collection Presentation

Molecubes are a dynamic design system built to support 72andSunny's human centered mission to expand and diversify the creative class. Check out the gallery to see how the Molecubes are applied throughout the Multiverse,